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HDL Diagnostics, Inc. (“HDL Dx”) is an early stage diagnostics company focused on cardiovascular disease (CVD).  HDL, commonly called the “good cholesterol,” is a complex biological particle composed of multiple proteins and lipids that mediate several functions including inhibiting arterial inflammation and removing excess cholesterol. Recent peer-reviewed articles suggest that HDL dysfunction, which can occur in individuals who have “normal” cholesterol levels, leads to CVD.  HDL Dx’s goal is to provide a new technology to comprehensively assess the multiple functions of HDL as a means of identifying individuals who are at increased risk of CVD.

We have demonstrated the ability in a small pre-clinical trial to discriminate blood samples between healthy and diseased people with our HDL-MPO function assay.  The company believes its methods for assessing HDL functionality have superior predictive power for identifying individuals at higher risk of CVD who have normal plasma cholesterol levels. The sensitivity, scalability, and simplicity of this new diagnostic technology may establish HDL functionality testing as a routine diagnostic test for CVD risk.

The company has intellectual property protecting its screening technology for determining HDL functionality.  HDL testing is included in the cardiovascular screening guidelines of the American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association Task Force on Practice Guidelines.



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